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Jay Khodiyar Engineering Works is one of the established and developed Polypropylene Pump manufacturers, suppliers of PP Corrosion Resistant Pump, Polypropylene Pumps and Polypropylene Chemical Process Pump, P.P. Pump, PP Pumps exporters in India that offers an exceptional range of pumps. Polypropylene pumps (पॉलीप्रोपाइलिन पंप) are extraordinarily designed for highly destructive synthetic compounds where metal pumps are not prescribed or their cost is higher. The PP Arrangement pump configuration consists of a one-piece polypropylene scroll-shaped package with semi-open impeller and spread packing to ensure smooth operation against erosion. Our offered range of Polypropylene Pump are designed and manufactured by our team of technical experts who have in-depth knowledge of the components and functional characteristics of these pumps. We also offer customized solutions as per the various requirements of the customers at the most affordable prices.


This series is excellently suited to pumping tasks in the chemical industry, electroplating plants, metallurgical industries, steel and stainless steel pickling lines, evaporation and regeneration units, wet flue gas cleaning systems downstream of waste incinerators as well as in exhaust air scrubbing and industrial waste water treatment.


  • The chemical pumps are available in PP.
  • PVDF Impeller is available for high temperature & aggressive acids.

Performance Data

  • Pump capacity: up to 280 m³/h
  • Total differential head: up to 60 m
  • Operating temperature [t]: -20°C up to +110 °C

Sealing Systems:


PTFE bellows provide universal chemical resistance for a wide range of services & non-wetted metal parts eliminate the need for expensive metallurgies. TB/TBR seal is inherently hydraulically balanced to ensure proper face loading. Installs easily on outside of stuffing box; eliminates the use of elastomers.


Gland packing pumps come with pure PTFE or PTFE Impregnated Blue Asbestos against specific customer requirements.

*Standard Pump fitted with GFT/CER Teflon Bellow Mechanical Seal.

Shaft Sleeve:

Shaft Sleeve of different material depending on the compatibility of the liquid to be handled

*Standard Pump fitted with Ceramic Sleeve.