Centrifugal Polypropylene Pumps

Centrifugal Polypropylene Pumps are the preferred choice for various industries due to their trouble-free performance against erosion. Jay Khodiyar Engineering Works is one of the prominent industrial pump manufacturers and suppliers delivering the best quality Centrifugal Polypropylene Pumps to deal with highly corrosive chemicals. Our pumps are designed to deliver exceptional performance, durability, and reliability in the harshest of environments. With deep industry knowledge and manufacturing expertise, we offer customized pump solutions at the most competitive market prices.
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Strong Construction
  • Leak Proof
  • Efficient Design
  • Corrosion Resistant

Capacity up to 280 m³/h/ hr
Head up to 60 m / hr
Operating Temperature -20°C up to +110 °C

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  • Chemical Industry

  • Electroplating Plants

  • Metallurgical Industries

  • Steel And Stainless Steel Pickling Lines

  • Evaporation And Regeneration Units

  • Wet Flue Gas Cleaning Systems

  • Exhaust Air Scrubbing

  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment

    What is a Centrifugal Polypropylene Pump?

    Centrifugal polypropylene pumps are chemical pumps made of thermoplastic polymer and designed to handle highly corrosive liquids, including acids, solvents, and harsh chemicals. These pumps are widely used in areas where metal is not an option and for extremely corrosive substances. These pumps are powerful and durable due to their resistance to erosion.

    How Does a Centrifugal Polypropylene Pump Work?

    • Centrifugal polypropylene pumps work by transferring rotational energy from one or more impellers to fluid.
    • Fluid enters the inlet and travels towards the impeller shaft while rotating itself exponentially along with the impeller vanes.
    • The impeller’s movement creates a vacuum in the suction pipe and atmospheric pressure pushes fluid into the pipe and the pump.
    • The impeller sends fluid toward the sides of the pump casing and creates a centrifugal force that directs fluid toward the pump outlet.

    Advantages of Centrifugal Polypropylene Pumps

    • Highly Corrosion Resistant
    • Higher Flow Rates
    • 100% Leak-proof
    • Compact Design

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