Chemical Process Pump Manufacturer in India

Jay Khodhiyar is the most trusted industrial pump manufacturer in Ahmedabad, India, for supplying state-of-the-art pump technology. Designed for long life and smooth service, our Chemical Process Pumps are engineered for providing superior performance in various industrial applications.

Our Chemical Process Pumps are developed using the best technology and material in accordance with international quality standards. Available in various size specifications and surface finishing to fulfill diverse industrial needs, our pumps are the most effective and efficient solutions to your toughest pumping problems.

  • High-Efficiency Rate
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Durable
  • Easy To Install
  • Low Maintenance

Operating Range
Capacity 4000 m3/hr
TDH H Up To 150 Mtr.
Temperature 200° C
Pressure 16 BAR
MOC C.I Cast Steel, S.S 316, S.S 304, Other MOC
Impeller Type Closed and Semi Open

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  • Chemical Process Industries

  • Organic & Inorganic Liquids Refineries

  • Fertilizer Plants

  • Dyes & Intermediates

  • Bulk Drugs and Pharmaceutical

  • Effluent Treatment Plants

  • Heating and Air Conditioning Plants

  • Cooling Towers

  • Sugar Plant

  • Fire Fighting

  • Water Supply

  • Power and Steel

  • Pulp and Paper

  • Volatile Liquids

  • Cement

  • Thermic Fluid

  • Agriculture Textile

  • Oil Extraction and Waste Oil Refineries

  • Jet Dyeing

    Ensure an Efficient
    Chemical Flow with Our Chemical Pumps!

    What is a Chemical Process Pump?

    Chemical process pumps are specialized pumps designed for transferring liquids in chemical processing applications. They handle the complex and demanding needs of various industrial applications.

    These pumps are essentially used in chemical transferring plants for highly corrosive fluids and viscous liquids. Chemical pumps are widely known for their anti-corrosion, abrasion, and robust construction.

    How Does Chemical Process Pump Work?

    • Chemical Pumps are typically powered by electric motors, which provide the energy to drive the pumping mechanism.
    • The motor drives a rotating impeller inside the pump housing. The impeller has vanes or blades that are angled to capture and accelerate the liquid.
    • As the impeller rotates, centrifugal force throws the liquid outwards from the center of the impeller to the outer edges of the pump housing.
    • The increased velocity of the liquid creates pressure, which forces the liquid out of the discharge outlet of the pump.
    • The pressure difference between the suction inlet and the discharge outlet creates a suction that draws more liquid into the pump, maintaining the flow.

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