Vertical Submerged Process Pumps Manufacturer in India (JKVP SERIES)

Jay Khodiyar Engineering Works is an eminent manufacturer of Vertical Sump Pump or Long Shaft Pump. Our Vertical Submerged Process Pump is widely used for applications with low net positive suction head and cryogenic temperatures where vertical lift is required.

Designed specifically for service in water, chemicals, sewage, and slurries, our Vertical pumps cover a wide range of hydraulic conditions and meet every pumping service in the industry with optimum efficiency.

  • High head per stage
  • High Capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Robust design
  • Highly reliable
  • Long life

Capacity Upto 350M3
Head Upto 100mtrs
Length Upto 4mtrs
Temperature Upto 160C
Speed Upto 3500RPM
Pressure Upto 10k/C2

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 Applications of Vertical Submerged Process Pump 

  • Chemical plants

  • Water treatment plants

  • Utility circulating water

  • Seawater and raw water intake

  • Sewage and Slurries & other industries and applications

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    What is a Vertical Submerged Pump?

    Vertical submerged process pumps are a type of centrifugal pumps that work by completely submerging in a liquid. These pumps are ideal for applications where the installation space is limited.

    The pump is installed vertically in a sump or a tank to pump fluids such as water, oil, chemicals, and sewage from one place to another.

    How Does Vertical Submerged Process Pump Work?

    • The motor located at the top and connected to the impeller at the bottom via a long vertical shaft, drives an impeller.
    • An impeller creates a centrifugal force to push the fluid away from the center, generating pressure.
    • The liquid gets accelerated by an impeller and loses its kinetic energy in the diffuser.
    • Created centrifugal force propels the liquid toward the discharge outlet of the pump.

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