SS Rotary Gear Pump

Jay Khodiyar Engineering Works is a prime industrial pump manufacturer and exporter in Ahmedabad, India. Our SS Rotary Gear Pumps have become the preferred choice due to their optimal performance in chemical industries. We manufacture top-quality industrial pumps using high-grade raw materials in accordance with industry quality standards to meet the diversified needs of our customers. Our offered range of SS Rotary Gear Pumps is easy to clean, needs low maintenance, and is strongly constructed with a compact design.
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Long Service Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • Easy To Clean
  • Robust construction

Size ¼” to 2.5” BSP screw connection ports
Capacity 8 LPM to 300 LPM 2
Max working pressure 11 kg/cm
Gears Spur or helical gearing arrangement
Seal Teflon Gland pack or TC mechanical seal
Rotation clock-wise and anti-clock-wise
Material of construction Gears, shaft, and body- SS 316 with DU Teflon bushes

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  • Food And Beverages Industries

  • Pharmaceutical Industries

  • Chemical Industries

  • Cosmetic Industries

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    What is SS Rotary Gear Pump?

    SS Rotary Gear Pump is a high-performing electrically powered positive displacement pump. It is constructed completely with stainless steel. This pump consists of a rotor and ideal gear assembly. It has a wide applicability for the displacement of fluid or liquid in various sectors.

    How Does SS Rotary Gear Pump Work?

    • A rotor and ideal gear are respectively located externally and internally. A rotor gear begins to rotate and so does the idler gear with the teeth.
    • The gear creates suction by unmeshing as it rotates and draws liquid into the pump.
    • The liquid is then carried by the space between two gears and displaces it.
    • The displaced fluid is discharged from the ports connected to the pump.

    Best SS Rotary Pump Manufacturer in India

    At Jay Khodiyar Engineering Works, we master SS Rotary Gear Pump manufacturing. For many industries, it has become a preferred choice. The fluid handling task is easy with the efficiency and quality we put in our SS Rotary Gear Pump.

    Our top-quality SS Rotary Gear pumps are manufactured using high-grade raw materials to match industry quality standards.

    The offered range of SS Rotary Gear Pumps are easy to clean, maintain, and strongly constructed with a compact design to deliver optimal performance.

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